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    I bought a custom plate for my Nikon D800 to use with my Ultimate M1 but I would be really interested in a 'L' bracket version, I don't know if this is a viable option. I do have a Kirk 'L' bracket but obviously I've got to line it up every time I use it (if and when I take the U3 off). So, a self-aligning one would be great to keep on and use with my ball head.
    This is obviously more aimed at Nick.
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    Obviously, we will make L-bracket at the end. We need to study how to make them at a lower cost. Also, they are more likely to be camera specific. Which will be costly to keep the inventory. We need to be better in management. The other choice is to make auto aligning plate for RRS and Kirk.


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    You will need to center your lens on the horizontal arm, but once done you can put a stop plate on your L bracket to register. I adapted a Kirk clamp for my NN3 horizontal arm years ago. With a Kirk plate on my D7000 the stop plate takes the guesswork out of setting up.
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    Thanks for the reply Nick and waters60.
    @Waters60........yep I did actually try a stop plate but I was unsure where to centre the 'L' bracket because on the U3 with the self aligning piece of plastic it 'seems' slightly off-centre when looking through the viewfinder, so, do I centre everything over the tripod screw or set up like the U3, off centre?
    The other thing, obviously, is when I tried the stop plate, I couldn't put the camera on a flat surface as it was lop-sided....I could have added another stop plate the other side but then it starts to look a little bit ridiculous. As Nick said, either a self aligning plate for Kirk etc or make a specific camera one. I wouldn't mind paying a reasonable amount for the right product either way.
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    Do you need to move the L-Bracket aside to get space to between the body and the bracket? And when do you need to do it?

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    Try the L-Bracket from Really Right Stuff. Each one has a center point marked for your specific camera (both horizontal and vertical). I believe Kirk has started doing this also, but I don't know if all of them have it.
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    Hi Heinz
    Not quite sure what you mean. What I want is to have an 'L' bracket that self aligns like the U3 plate, then I can use it for 'normal' photography. I did try using a stop plate (as per the above post) but am not sure about my Kirk bracket alignment. Also, by just using 1 stop plate I can't put the camera down on a flat surface (say, a table top) to take a picture as it's obviously lop sided.
    Maybe, if the U3 had a tripod screw underneath I could screw the Kirk to the the underside of the U3 plate for the times when I wanted to use it on a tripod in the portrait orientation.

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