Preferred nadir/zenith technique for pole panos?
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Thread: Preferred nadir/zenith technique for pole panos?

  1. Preferred nadir/zenith technique for pole panos?


    Now that I have my gear I've been experimenting but I'm also interested in hearing advice from the experts:

    I have a Pole 2 set/RS-1 with Nadir adapter/Nikon D800e/Nikkor16mm.

    The standard shooting pattern for the 16mm/D800e is 6 roundshots+nadir+zenith. What I'm looking for is suggestions on shooting the nadir/zenith:

    Shoot from ground level and use viewpoint correction to stitch?

    Retract the pole, change camera angle, re-extend and shoot from there? (Sending the camera back up on an extended nadir adapter feels less than optimal to me but that could be beginner nerves)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Hi Mosleyh.

    I would experiment a little bit. Try if you can fill the zenith by even 0° shots or with + 5° pitch with 6 shots around. Then you only have to shoot the Nadir. Once you are trained a little bit more, you are not afraid to move the segments up and down. When you open the lock screws a little bit more so that the air can come out more easily, you will be very quick in moving up and down to reset the panohead.

    Good Luck,
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    Hi Moseleyh,

    have you read Wim's tips
    full frame fisheye is difficult to operate on pole for spherical pano.
    For the best convenience, I will tilt the lens down to close the nadir and than take a zenith shot on the ground.
    I will work out a solution for tilting the lens on pole asap.


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