I just received my RS-1 Upper Rotator Assembly Kit, with a ring for Samyung 8mm f/2.8 lens. A little documentation would have been nice, but answers to a few questions will suffice to get me taking my modified NN3 Mk II / Sony NEX-6 out among the redwoods.

Should the arrow on the inside of the plastic inner ring point toward the camera, or toward the front of the lens? Right now, I have it pointing toward the front on the lens. This covers the aperture ring and the gold line around the circumference, but leaves the focus ring available. A forum post said that this doesn't really matter, as most folks just leave the aperture set to f/8 and leave it. This setup also leaves some space for pushing the lens release.

About the parts bag. Am I correct in deducing that the 3 internally threaded brass cylinders are bushings for the threaded bolt that connects the assembly to the top of the vertical rail? If so, how do I choose the right one? One is a straight cylinder, the other two have the same internal thread, but the outside diameter is slightly different on one end.

Where should the Loctite be used? Also, I cannot see what the teeny machine screw is for, or the purpose of the small threaded pin that the larger allen wrench fits in. I also don't see what the smaller allen wrench is for.

Thanks for your help, as well as for the best pano equipment!