Hey everyone, new here, but not so new to panoramics (top 50's in epson pano awards).

So far I have been just using a tripod (mf 190) and a ball head ( markins qt-3), either rotating, shooting hand held or shift stitching with a 24mm tse mkII on a 5d2. The 5d2 has a RRS L plate attached which is staying! My lens line up is 14/2.8 ,17-40, 24tse, 50f1.4, 90/2.8. 70-200/2.8 and 400/5.6. I dont normally use the 400 for pano and only infrequently use the 70-200 (at all...)

Software I use/own PT Gui pro and photoshop cs6.

I've currently got a gigapan epic pro on loan that I am playing with and evaluating. I'm unconvinced.

So I'm looking for an easy to use packable multi row pano head setup. I dont tend to do 360's, little worlds etc but do shoot milky way panoramics and a lot of night shooting so it needs to be easy to use in the dark.

I see there are a number of options with NN. The M1 is an obvious choice but expensive and bulky? What are the other (arca swiss) options?

I will use the ball head as level and put an arca swiss plate on the rotator I guess for quick setup, not interested in a nadir thingey I susepct (for now).

Thanks for replies!