No I'm not talking about Earth's pole shift, Planet X, Comet ISON, or Nibiru, I'm talking more importantly about the Nodal Ninja forum.

When you use the forum I would assume most to think I can post and read threads so all must be good. On the back side of things we are under daily attack from spammers, spam bots, hackers etc. Just yesterday alone I had to manually dump 40 new registrants into the spam can. Our previous forum (Simple Machine's) was worse as hackers were actually able to get into the system and delete images.

This forum (VBulletin) hasn't actual been hacked yet but does experience a daily barrage of spammers wanting in. We are running VB-v4 and in desperate need to upgrade due to known security flaws. Even our former IT guy cringed and delayed the process of moving v4-v5. Because this is fairly major upgrade this would be time to also consider moving to newer forum platform. VBulletin has over a 1000 variables and options on the back end and takes a constant daily effort to administer and keep spammers out.

In our consideration to upgrade or move to newer platform this is a good time for users to share with us what they would like to see in the way of added features and also what features you don't like in our current setup.

all feedback welcome