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    So when taking the Nadir2 shot with the Nadir adapter how critical is it to move the tripod sideways in the exact straight line or is it ok just to move it sideways without being too far off.....what margin for error is there please?
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    It depends on what is at the nadir. If the nadir hole to be patched is confined to a flat floor such that you can readily use viewpoint correction, you can move the camera sideways by as much as 1m or more and still get good alignment. A big offset like that is not generally recommended though, because there are other things to consider - e.g. floor shine differences and mismatches in image sharpness with oblique shots. However, you may want to deliberately shift the camera sideways to avoid the shadow of the camera falling in exactly the same place as for the main set of shots. If it's not just a flat floor and you are trying to position the camera at the original NPP to avoid parallax effects, then just do your very best to replicate the position as accurately as possible. You're not restricted to taking and stitching just one nadir shot. Think very carefully about where tripod shadows are falling, maybe from multiple light sources, and take shots that will capture all areas shadow free in one or other of the nadir shots.

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    Yes thanks for that fault, I didn't mean sideways I meant sort of off axis....If I moved the tripod sideways but it was off it critical? I have a particular pano that I can't get right.....when I view the individual layers you can see the movement of the floor if that makes sense.
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    Ah sorted that particular pano..................I deleted the generated control points because it was 'throwing' it out......added a few manual ones to the flat floor, optimized, then added VP, optimized again and it's now spot on (apart from me making a slight error with my tripod legs in the wrong orientation...this is VERY important for the N2 shot). Shows that if you persevere you get there in the end.

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