I am new to the forum, just purchased, and have been experimenting with the NN4 and the Advanced Rotator RD 16 II.
These are the settings for a Canon 5D with the following lens and focal length, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 EF L --- 28mm Focal Length --- NN5/NN4 w/CP-1 - A=53 B=148 on the NN web site that links to the forum.
I am shooting with a Canon 5D MK II and the CP-2. The A setting appears to be OK. However, the 5D MK II can not move back far enough on the B rail to be set at 148. Question: Am I doing something wrong, is the B setting for the 5D and not the 5D MKII, does the use of the CP-2 change the setting, do I have the wrong upper rail.