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    New to the world of panoramics (have done hand-held) and am thinking of buying the M1-L.
    After looking at the FOV chart for a 200mm lens on full frame I notice that the FOV would be 7.5 in portrait orientation. Given that the upper rotator has positive stops every 7.5 degrees, it means I can't have overlap just by feeling/hearing the rotator movement as I would have to move the dial back an increment (I assume). Yet, looking at the specs. on the M2 I notice that the upper rotator has positive stops every 2.5 degrees which is a much better option for this FOV. If I purchased the M1 is the upper rotator interchangeable or have I got it completely wrong? I live in the UK and don't see any mention of the M2 on the official resellers' site.
    Thanks for any help/advice.

    EDIT: Do the charts on the NN site have the overlap took into account?
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