Hi guys

Now I have to try this pole thing. But I have a few questions:

A) Should I select Series one or two? - does the complete series two extends higher or is it just sturdier?

B) If I just wanted one half to start up with - should I buy the series one or series two upper half?

C) I am an certified Google photographer - and on the top i have my NN R1 with my NN RD5 rotator. I dont want to disassemble the RD5 from the NN R1 every time I have to shoot a pole pano. (i know it will be a little heavier). Is that a problem?
D) Does the bolt in the pole fit the RD5 bottom?

D) I am going to buy a footclamp and a pole rotator. . I have two fisheyes - a Samyang 8mm and a Simma 8mm. I want to use the both. With the Samyang I need 6 shots around, with the Sigma only 4
How smooth does the pole rotator go? Should I buy the "6 shots around"-rotator or the 12 shots around?, So I can use both.

Looking forward to hear your answer.

Greetings from Denmark
Jesper Frehr