I just registered. I am thinking of investing in pano equipment but have little experience other than rotating my ball head and looking in the view finder.

I am shooting with a Canon 5D MII and my wife has a 7D. The lens we share are a 17-40, 24-70, and 70-200. If I understand the models correctly the Ninja 4 line would support the both the 17-40, and 24-70 but not the 70-200. That is, the N4 series material says up to 35mm equivalent focal length and 25% overlap telephotos. So if the N 4 series would be strong enough to support the weight of the 5D MII I could only shoot up to 100mm with the 70-200.

Would the same be true in terms of lens with the 7D. It would work fine with the 17-40, 24-70, and be limited with the 70-200?

The higher cost option is the M-1 series seems to fit the 70-200. What are your experiences.? Do you tend to use the telephoto lens that often in the field? I enjoy doing landscapes and have little interest in commercial applications such as real estate at this time.

Do you have some suggestions for me to consider in the choice of equipment. Thanks,