Where to publish 360x180 panos?
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Thread: Where to publish 360x180 panos?

  1. Where to publish 360x180 panos?


    Howdy all,

    I don't have a website (only a Blogspot blog) and have finished my first few spherical panos, but now I need a place to put them for public viewing. What are my options? Any Flickr style sites specifically for 360 panos? Pros/cons?


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    One solution is to get your own web site. I use godaddy.com.
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    I use my own website too, but lots of people use 360cities.net
  4. panorama sharing sites


    here are 3 sites for uploading and sharing 360° panoramas





    Sam Rohn :: 360° Panoramic Photography :: Location Scout :: New York City :: www.samrohn.com

    PanoPress :: WordPress Plugin for 360° Panoramas in Flash & HTML5 :: www.panopress.org
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    Thanks for the info guys. I'll check those sites out. Yeah, I'd like to get a website someday, but I cannot afford to hire anyone to build me one, and I'm not sure I am techy enough to do it myself. We'll see.
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    Install Dropbox (free).

    Move the .HTML, .XML and other pano files to a directory in the public Dropbox folder.

    Find the directory with Windows Explorer.

    Right click on the HTML file and "Copy public link".

    Share the link (now in the clip board)
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    Have a look at http://www.360etours.net/ It's a free hosting service for 360 tours and panos and is very easy to use.


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