I'm getting very close to purchasing a series 2 pole set - just trying to think through everything carefully. I will be using a Nikon D800/Nikkor 16mm, and already have a RS-1, RD16, ez leveler and Nadir adapter. To use the RS1 on the pole and as normal on a tripod I was thinking of putting a quick release on the pole and also between the RD16 and the RS-1 so that I can swap the RS-1 back and forth easily.

It occurred to me though that instead of buying 2 quick release sets, for 60 USD additional I could instead buy an R1 by itself and keep it on the pole. I know that I wouldn't be able to shoot a true Nadir with the R1 that way, but I wonder if I could shoot 6 roundshots and a zenith, stitch successfully and still have a reasonably small nadir hole. I currently shoot 6 roundshots at -10 and the zenith at +65 plus nadir. The 16mm had 137 degree HFOV, so mathematically it seems like the same pattern with roundshots at -12.5 or -15 and the zenith at +62.5 or +60 should work, but I'm not sure.

Can anyone offer some advice?