NN looks like a great product, but I need some help wrapping my mind around all the options. Hope you can help.

I've shot a great deal in panoramic but tend to turn to film for it -- have a few swing lens panoramic cameras and Xpans. Now that my favorite films are being cut, I'm getting deeper into shooting digital & would love this groups' advice on which NN product is a good place to start.

My gear consist of Nikon d800 and Nikkor lenses: 16mm fish 2.8; 14 - 24 mm 2.8; 24 - 70 mm 2.8

I called NN to get some advice; the mention of the 14-24 mm [I didn't mention others at that point] pointed us to NN4. Then I came on a thread which suggested the longer 24-70 might call for the M series.

But then again it seems a lot of people love the 16mm nikkor for this kind of work -- would it be a good choice to make the 16 my exclusive pano-shooting lens and work with the R series? It sounds like the R-variety can work well on monopod as well as tripod which might work for a few projects where I need to shoot overheard. With other kinds of shooting, of course, there are benefits to having a variety of lenses, but for stitched-panos maybe I can just stick to 16 and there is little point in switching??

I shoot mostly for print and expect to be most interested in single row work like these:

But once I get going I might enjoy the spherical as well...

I'd appreciate some advice so I can make the best choice!