For those of you attending the Iceland Panoramic Photography Conference this year (June 10-16) we will be holding a workshop to help you better understand and use your Nodal Ninja to it's fullest potential.
With 5 base models and various rotators to choose from our number one question is always "what product is best for me?". We'll also show you what works best with your gear.

This workshop will take you through our entire product line. We'll show the design features of each head and what model best fits a particular workflow. We'll show you tips and tricks for shooting pole panoramas as well and gigapixel images and standard 360's using our products. If you use Nodal Ninja or would like to learn more about the many applications our products can be used with then this workshop will help to answer your questions.

And also we're proud to be working along side one of the masters - Ayrton Camargo (

Space is limited and we hope to see you there.