I'm trying to pick items for a pole "starter kit with 4 basic requirements:

Use with RS-1/D800/Nikkor 16mm
switch rs-1 quickly between pole and tripod use
support Gigapan Epic Pro+ DSLR+lens (< 4KG)
Maximum expandability for future

Here's what I **think** I need, but would appreciate some expert input:

Poles Series 2 Lower Unit (F7103)
Pole Series 2 Case (F7171)
Pole Rotator 60-deg (POLEROTATOR)
Pole Series 2 Advanced Level (F7157)
Pole Series 2 Lower Unit Top Plate (F7156)
Pole Series 1/2 Lower Base Cap (P-BC)
(2)Quick Mount Mini Adapter System (F7154)
One of the tripod adapters (TBD)