Hi There,

I am considering buying the Pole Series 2 as I would like to be able to create 360 VT's at height but also take stills. I have looked at stronger aluminium masts but love the idea of a truly portable solution that will pack down and fit in my car. Hence the Series 2 pole!

I am planning on using my Canon 7D, ball head and a variety of lenses for stills work. I will be using the Sigma 8mm for VT's and purchase the R1 to do this.

I have several questions, I will try and be to the point but apologies if I ramble on....

1. How strong is the Series 2 Pole and can it be used at full height in any kind of outside wind conditions? How much does it sway when being used with 2kg on top which might not have the weight exactly in the centre? i.e. if I am using a larger lens tilted to a certain angle then the weight distribution might be one sided? How do you know when to use it and when not to use it if it's windy?

2. Has anyone used the Series 2 Pole with a Bescor Pan / Tilt head or similar? This again would add to the weight and take it to nearly 3kg but would save me having to pull the pole up and down each time I wanted a different angle.

3. Speaking of setting up the pole, how difficult is it with 2kg on top? Is it a tiresome job? I plan on doing this several times per shoot to get a variety of angles and shots for events etc. I'm a youngish relatively fit guy but am I expecting too much from the pole in terms of flexibility?

4. Also, can this be used with just the footplate or is it advised to be used with the tripod clamps when using the maximum 2kg load at full height?

5. Lastly, when using a tripod am I able to extend the tripod legs out to add on an extra 1.5m in total height? I have a Giottos Professional MTL3261B - aluminium tripod very strong.

I would really appreciate any experience of people using the Series 2 Pole at max height with serious load or for stills work as it's quite a considerable investment I am making and I want it to be the right choice.

Thanks in advance! I have searched the forums and not seen any posts answering these questions so I hope this will help others in my position in the future.

Kind regards,