Here is pano shot at top of Pic Blanc on April 14th to keep souvenir of exceptionnal year for snow ! Slight default I have seen just after publication, I have cut feet of someone
You'll find on my blog two versions of same pano: regular one and one with legend above the horizon so you can find easily name of major mountains all around
Technical details:
-> Pentax 645D in DNG with lens 55mm f/2.8 (settings: 1/500 à f/11), 78 shots with Nodal Ninja 5 head with R-D16 rotator on Benro tripod C-257. (one row at +75 degreess with 8 shots, one row at +45/+15/-15/-45 degrees with 15 shots, one row at -75 degrees with 8 shots, 2 shots handheld for nadir)
-> Raw processing in TIFF 16 bits with Lightroom 4
-> Stitching with PTGui and PSB output
-> Tiling with KRPano

Pic Blanc à la mi-avril 2013 par Vincèn PUJOL - SkiVR, sur Flickr
Interactive flash version: