Hi all,
I'm experiencing issues with customer service, precisely cs[at]nodalninja[dot]com as you can see on the about us page, who's also a reseller and drove me to buy from him the NN4 with EZ leveler and other stuff I wanted.
I submitted the customer satisfaction form, but I'm having issues with the customer service manager... who also claimed to be responsible for the website. I can't reach him by phone, and can't manage to get a tracking ID of the purchase I made on 5th april. Yesterday he said me he shipped another package, that I would get it today, and he would send me the tracking ID. None of them arrived, and no answer from him. Is he also a moderator on the forum? I trusted him as he answered my first questions on behalf of nodalninja and through an official email. At the phone yesterday he strongly apologized, but today he disappeared and "forgot" to send me the tracking ID I've been asking forever, again.
I didn't want to post this publicly, but I can't find a way to have a direct contact with the board, and this fact looks to me so weird, as reading the www I thought this was one of the best customer services available, that I thought it needs to be fixed before another weekend comes. And all of that strongly differs from what states the "about us" page.
I apologize for posting it here, and hope this thread won't be deleted before I get an answer.
Whoever moderator wants proofs of what I'm saying, I have emails and copy of payment available. Maybe try reaching him by phone if you can.