My wife and I have decided to expand our marketing services to include google style panorama tours of small to medium sized businesses. As well, I really love this new hobby skill I am learning and I want to map out my city with attractions, malls, parks etc.

I am using a Sony A57 complimented with lens: 18-55 kit, 70-210 beercan and Samyany 8mm fisheye. I am pretty sure I will purchase a NN4 starter kit with a nadir adapter. Where I am stuck is with the publishing software.

Our market consists of iPhones/iPads, Android devices and PC/Macs
We would like to build immersive panoramas for store owners and restaraunts to showcase their establishment and their products with pop up photos, embedded videos, voice overs, etc.

Tried both Autopano pro and ptGUI, liking ptGUI more.
I have basic skills in Dreamweaver cs4 and PS cs5

Any suggestions which way to go?

Thanks in advance