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    Having recently had my Nikon 10.5mm shaved I'm experimenting with using it with my D800 on the R1. At 0 degrees a dark patch is noticeable at the zenith so I prefer to use +5 degrees instead. I have found it works just fine at the recommended 1.1 setting, however it doesn't seem to lock off as securely as it does at 0 degrees and +7.5 degrees.

    Would I be right in thinking the screw only tightens it against the stop between the two holes so that if any force is applied it will slip off? Or am I doing something wrong?

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    Move the locking knob to the other side of the pano head. There are two sets of grooves where the locking knob goes into, one set on each side. The head should not slip when properly locked down.
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    Hi Gary,

    0° and +5° use the fixing screw on different sides. You have to change it from one side to the other or buy a second fixing screw.


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    Thanks guys! It simply hadn't occurred to me that you could do that!



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