Looking to start working on a pole, and I have the following equipment I use (tripod):
RS-1 with lens clamp for Nikon D800 with Sigma 8mm.
RD5 Rotator

Based on what I already have, to get started with a Series 2 upper pole, would I be correct in thinking I need:

1. Quick Mount Mini Adapter System (F7154)
2. Pole Foot Plate (F7155)

The weight of the Nikon D800/Sigma8mm seems to be ok for the pole weight limit, but is the RS-1 a suitable head for pole top work?

And, is there anything else I need, or that is not-optimal about this proposed setup, or would other pieces/parts/equipment work better?

Thanks for any assistance! I thought I would ask for advice before I pull the trigger on an order.

Thank you,