I can't believe it myself...but it happened.

I got my NN4 set up...eyeballed my 14mm lens.

Set up two light stands 6' apart, one about 3' from the camera and one 9' from the camera.

I eyeballed the nodal point via just looking at the gold ring on my Samyang 14mm lens.

So I lined everything up and swung the lens to the very side and took a shot (tethered to my laptop)

I was stunned to find that it was dead-centered...not even a little off.

So I swung it the other way and took another one....same result.

I wish I could say that it was more difficult than that..but it wasn't. I locked the plates in that keep everything in place and called it a day.

I just took a 360 of my house and it stitched beautifully....no errors and level as can be...the best one I've ever done. (though I forgot to do a nadir and zenith shot)

I'm afraid to get a T adapter and use this with my battery grip now! :) I'd LIKE to...but it works so well as it is...I'm afraid to jinx it.