I a new to Panoroma photography and therefore looking to buy pano gear that will suit most of my needs

Here's my current set up

BH-55 head
Gitzo travellers tripod
5d MK3 with RRS L plate
70-200 2.8 L
50mm 1.4
35mm 1.4
24-70 L

I like the Nodal Ninja Gear but since I have already invested in expensive BH-55 head, I am therefore debating whether to go for RRS Pano gear or Nodal Ninja. What would you suggest ?

I am also interested in signing up for Google Trusted Photographers program.However, Google suggests that I use 8-15mm lens and R10
8-15mm costs around 1500 dollars which I cant afford.

My budget is around 1000 dollars.