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  1. Suggestions for pano gear


    I a new to Panoroma photography and therefore looking to buy pano gear that will suit most of my needs

    Here's my current set up

    BH-55 head
    Gitzo travellers tripod
    5d MK3 with RRS L plate
    70-200 2.8 L
    50mm 1.4
    35mm 1.4
    24-70 L

    I like the Nodal Ninja Gear but since I have already invested in expensive BH-55 head, I am therefore debating whether to go for RRS Pano gear or Nodal Ninja. What would you suggest ?

    I am also interested in signing up for Google Trusted Photographers program.However, Google suggests that I use 8-15mm lens and R10
    8-15mm costs around 1500 dollars which I cant afford.

    My budget is around 1000 dollars.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum,

    You need an M1-L that would fit all your lenses. For some lenses you'll need the MFR210 as top rail like 24-70mm and 70 -200mm.

    I do not want to poor water in your wine, but best shooting would be to place the panohead directly on top of tripod.

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    Thanks for the reply

    If I were to choose to place the Panohead directly on top of tripod and I go with nodal ninja, Could you please suggest what all I would need to buy keep in mind my above lenses that I would be using. My budget is around $700
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    Hi Sunny,

    M1-L, RD16II with Nadir Adapter,
    evtl EZ- Leveleler II

    That's what I would buy.

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    If you want to make 360x180 deg spherical pano, go for M1L. If you want to make multi-row mosaic image, M2 with give you more freedom in composition and enhance efficiency. You can take least image with least cropping in the final mosaic. The M1 have a fixed 7.5 deg interval will force you to take more image and crop more for mosaic.


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    Can you use the M2 to create 360x180 deg spherical panos? I have the RD16II on my M2.

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