I have been reading a lot in this forum, so thanks to Nick, Win, Bill, Hans and others for sharing. At present time i work with my Nikon D700,Sigma 8mm, using the NN3 with EZ leveler and Nadir adapter. But now i want to step UP and start with the art off making panos on a pole.
My check list says:

Pole series 2
Pole rotater 45
Tripod Adapter Type B
Quick Mount Mini Adapter

I love making panos in the dark, so using it with my tripod is a must. BUT do i need to buy the R1 or R10?
Is there anybody out there who works on the same gear, i mean NN3 on a complet series 2 pole. And can i still just use my Nadir adapter to make Nadir shots as i just to.

Thanks and best regards