I have a D300s with 10.5mm fisheye which I currently use with a R10 and RD4. I have started working in wetlands where the vegetation can be up to 7 feet tall. I thought a pole panorama would be a good way to record each of our study sites by getting a higher perspective.

I just want to make sure I have a correct list of components required. I have listed them below from top to bottom.
1. Quick Mount Mini Adapter System
2. Ultimate R1/R10 Pole Adapter Kit. Is this required with #1?
3. Pole Series 1 Upper Unit. Picked for the shortest collapsed length.
4. Pole Series 1 External Level
5. Pole Rotator (6 stop)
6. Pole Foot Plate
7. Pole Series 1/2 Lower base Cap. If I do not want to use the foot plate and rotator.
8. Pole Series 1 Case

Am I missing anything essential or are there any other recommended accessories?