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    Hi all,

    Im just bought myself a new NN3 MKII. Have been waiting a long long time to get my hands on a panoramic head. I have a nikon D7000 with tokina 12-24mm. I know it is not a favorite lens but i like to keep a compact and lightweight kit when im travelling and don't want to bring too many lenses. I would mostly be using it for landscape panorama.

    But i'm having trouble finding the NPP with the tokina 12-24. I find someone posted also for similar lens in size like the tokina 11-16mm and it is said i have to use a T adaptor.
    Does anyone have the exact setting for using 12-24mm @ 12mm.

    I'm considering getting the samyang 8mm lens if the tokina 12-24mm is a bit difficult to use with NN3 MKII. In case that happens can anyone help me with the settings for the samyang also?

    I really appreciate all the help and info. Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

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