Which R1 adjustable for D800e/sigma 8mm?
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Thread: Which R1 adjustable for D800e/sigma 8mm?

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    After having tried the R1 for a few days, I've concluded that Hindenhaag was right - the RS-1 is what I should have purchased. I think I might have figured that out sooner if the RS-1 was more prominently displayed on the store website. Oh well - live and learn. When all's said and done it looks like the cost will be roughly the same as the R-1 package too.

    Now all I have to do is wait for customer service to contact me about the return. They seem to have been MIA today.
    Hi mosleyh,
    You inquiry bounced between departments more than it should have. I hope your concerns have been addressed by now. For future reference if you have question about an order or return simply email directly to: store _at_ nodalninja _dot_ com.
    Also this is brand new store and everyday we are working to improve it so your feedback is appreciated.
    Thank you for your patience.
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    I'm all set now Bill - many thanks!

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