Hi everybody,

I got a hold on one of the last NN5 and I'm trying to figure out the settings with a D800 and 16mm fisheye. I've tried several different methods but get different results from that.

I'm using the D800 without a batterypack, the cameraplate that came with it and a nadir adapter.

The grid methode gives me this:
Upper rail 84 mm
Lower rail 59 mm

Facing the camera down, determining the middle of the picture (nn circle) gives me 63 mm for the lower rail...
Placing 2 objects behind each other and keep turning till they all allign correctly gives me 82 mm for the upper rail.

It also looks like there is a sort of mismatch between the hole for the cameraplate and the middle of the lens, it looks like they are not in one line. Or maybe there is 1 or 2 degrees mismatch with the horizontal lines on the bottom of the camera and the position of the lens (hope you know what i mean :-)

I've surched the internet for people with this setup but it seem that the D800 with the NN5 is not so common (a mix of old and new...) I saw the post of Lyndess but she is not using the 16mm fisheye. She has got 62 for the lower rail, but isn't that also dependable on the cameraplate you're using?

Phoe, a lot of questions... hope anyone can help. Thanks in advance!