First of all, thanks for coming here to help!

About my rig:
Canon 60D
Canon 5D Mark II
Sigma 8mm fisheye f/3.5
A carbon fiber tripod (middle pole diameter: 18mm)

What I wish to do
I want to take a 360x180 panorama for museum use. I will take these shots mainly in a small space (i.e. interior of a temple) and also outdoor. Accuracy would be my first priority, that's why I'm here.. I need to take these pictures very fast and accurate, including zenith and nadir. SO that I can stick that seamlessly in PTGUI and create a spherical panorama.

What I order
1. R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package
Select Degree Tilt
7.5 Degrees
Select Ring Clamp
Sigma 8mm f/3.5 f/4 & Sigma 15mm (Canon)
Select Rotator Mini
2. R1/R10 Rail Stop for use with Lens Ring Plate for Sigma 8mm F3.5 Canon Mount 0°/ 7.5° 4 stops
3. R1/R10 Zenith / Nadir Adapter
4. Quick Mount Mini Adapter System

My questions are:
1. Will these equipment suffice for my use? Do they really work together? Because there are so many options and I have read a lot already. I still want to make very sure before I make this order.
2. How to use the R1/R10 Zenith / Nadir Adapter to get a perfect zenith/nadir shot, I don't quite get it reading the description there.
3. Do I need to order any extra accessories, i.e. EZ-Leveller II, RD4,8?
4. I have seen the MKII can do similar job, are these choices suit me best?

It's urgent. I hope I can make the order today. Thanks a lot!!