Hi to everybody,

I'd like to wish all of you "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013".

Special Thx to Nick and Bill to keep NN Fanotec going on and on to develop and get new products on the road.

Was a busy year for you!

Same Thx to all the friends working at NN Store trying to do their best for the customers.

And last but not least, the european distributors, specially Mauro and Vincen. Glad to know in case I send a mail to you to ask for help for a forum member there will be an answer to them.

I dare to tell you you'll see some more new special products in 2013: The M2 Series.

Thx Nick I have been able to test it. This is the NN gate to use longer focal lenses for landscape and gigapixel panos.

The basic design of upper and lower rotator offers a secure workflow to shoot the pics to end up in a good pano in shorter time and lower price compared to some motorized panoheads. It is just click and shoot. No time to waste to wait for the motor to move into the right position.

Similar to the last years, NN Fanotec listens and develops equipment to customers needs. Thx a lot for this.

Kind regards,