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Ok - so this is a request for suggestions. I'm trying to configure the above system to let me use the camera via QR clamp on a ball-head, on the NN3MkII whilst also using my new Peak Design Capture Camera Clip system MICROplate.

I'm a big fan of the Capture system, having found them on Kickstarter, and use their system to holster my camera on my backpack when I'm out hiking. The fact that the Capture QR plate is attached to the camera and the same plate can also be used on my regular Really Right Stuff QR clamp on my regular ballhead + dropped into the NN 3 MkII QR clamp is great for quickly swapping between regular shots, and pano.

I've been using the NN3MkII with the Arca Style QR clamp for a couple of years, and recently started using it with the OM-D E-M5 and Samyang 7.5mm fisheye. Now the problem with the OM-D is that it has an off-center tripod mount (around 10mm). With the original Peak Designs plate (or their new square ARCAplate) I could let the plate slide into the NN QR clamp (vertical orientation) to the bottom stop, secure it, and I was only a few mm off alignment, which was good enough for most shots.

However the problem with this square plate and the OM-D is that I had to be really careful with the tilt screen to avoid catching it on the plate. So when Peak announced the new smaller MICROplate - I thought fantastic - and ordered one.

This has a standard 38mm width, but a depth of about 28mm - which nicely avoids fouling the screen, but it doesn't fit any of my QR clamps. The new plate has a much more satisfactory footprint on the camera - completely avoiding the screen. However it is only standard QR width in the wrong dimension - which means I have to spin the QR plate on the NN3 by 90 degrees to clamp to the other dimension on the plate. This works, but now I don't have the width of the plate to slide across, and I'm stuck with too large an offset.

Is a SlideFix clamp the solution?: The 28mm depth confuses me as none of my ArcaSwiss clamps will close to this dimension. I wonder if Peak have made it to fit the ArcaSwiss Slidefix system? I can't find any drawings that show the dimensions of the system accurately enough. I guess the screw-clamp one is most likely to work as I've had problems with the flip-lock on 3rd party plates, and the combo clamp would work with old and new systems.

NN Thin Rail plate - Ok... so I think I can attach the above combo SlideFix plate to the NN thin rail plate to replace my current standard Arca Swiss clamp.

However - I've still got the offset tripod mount problem on the OM-D.

NN T Adaptor III - looks somewhat cumbersome, and I don't think this will work with a QR plate of any form

RRS BOEM5 L-plate and grip + then attach the MICROplate - this moves the tripod hole to the right location, to which I would attach the MICROplate

Hmm - ok... so now I'm talking about this system
RRS BOEM5 + stacked MICROplate on the camera
Slidefix QuickSet + NN thin rail plate + NN3MkII for pano
Slidefix QuickSet + ball head or P0 monoball (a touch heavy at 340g) for regular shots

Is this going to work? Have I missed any options? Or should I just go back to the square Peak Designs ARCAplate, and be careful with the screen?