In an e-mail to me, tech support says that this combo will work with an NN3. I noticed in a thread about a Nikon D7000 and this lens, that a T adapter is suggested. I've no idea what a T adapter is and am brand new to panoramas, having only done two handhelds. My preference is to not have to hack something into functionality but also to save money where I can.

My intent is to use my 11-16mm in portrait orientation (and occasionally my Sigma 28mm and also the 50mm). I'll also buy the RD16.
  • Has anyone used this combo (D90 w/11-16 lens) in portrait orientation?
  • If it works well, what would I miss by not going with an NN4 for an extra $100?
  • Nadir? I'm slowly getting my head around this but I wonder if the nadir adapter is of much use without a special tripod?

I should note that I am mostly interested in landscape panoramas but I have a few interiors to shoot as well. Also, my library has just informed me that the loaner copy of Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography is headed my way so I will be sure to read through that as well.