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  1. Nikon D90 + Tokina 11-16mm?


    In an e-mail to me, tech support says that this combo will work with an NN3. I noticed in a thread about a Nikon D7000 and this lens, that a T adapter is suggested. I've no idea what a T adapter is and am brand new to panoramas, having only done two handhelds. My preference is to not have to hack something into functionality but also to save money where I can.

    My intent is to use my 11-16mm in portrait orientation (and occasionally my Sigma 28mm and also the 50mm). I'll also buy the RD16.
    • Has anyone used this combo (D90 w/11-16 lens) in portrait orientation?
    • If it works well, what would I miss by not going with an NN4 for an extra $100?
    • Nadir? I'm slowly getting my head around this but I wonder if the nadir adapter is of much use without a special tripod?

    I should note that I am mostly interested in landscape panoramas but I have a few interiors to shoot as well. Also, my library has just informed me that the loaner copy of Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography is headed my way so I will be sure to read through that as well.
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    Hi Tiziano,

    You will have the same problem with D90 Tokina 11-16 @zoom 16 as with D7000. The upper rail setting @zoom 16 is 107,6mm. The NN3 rail allows only max URS of 106,5mm.

    In case you do not want to shoot @zoom 16, the NN3 would do the job. Otherwise you might step over to NN4 which has longer rails.

    Nadir Adapter works on every stable tripod and a short center column.

    In case of special interests in landscape panos, you should buy the RD16II. In difference to RD16, the rotator has specially made movable index ring and a special blue ring to set your begin and end mark for the horizontal movement. Very handy. You begin with normal 0 set up and set the tripod to your center view of the pano. Then you move to the left to find your starting point. Now move the index ring to 0 mark of rotator. Then move to the right to your end point. Now fix blue end mark to the right end point. This is helpful for landscape pano with small intervals. Just for the future...

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    Now I get it, at 11mm the lens fits but at 16mm it does not.
    As for the RD16Ii, is that the one that comes with the NN4 package?
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    On NN estore yes:

    If you order at another reseller, you have to check that. Do not forget the Nadir Adapter.

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    To show the difference between NN3, NN4 and M1-L, have a look to the following Pics - © Nodal Ninja 2012 - :

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	716Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_5307_1.jpg 
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Name:	DSC_5310_1.jpg 
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    You see the difference in length of lower, upper and vertical rails. NN3, NN4 mounted on RD16, M1-L on RD16II with MFR210 as lower rail and MFR170 as upper rail.

    Feel free to ask when you got your new equipment. We'll try to help you to get you on the road as soon as possible.


    BTW: Just listening music, searching my iTunes, and it seems to me that already in 1998 Earth, Wind & Fire already knew about Nodal Ninja Products: "I've got to get you into my life." And that's true. Since I changed to NN products, my life is much easier. Because of copyright, I place this version:

    Actually a Beatles Song, first released in 1966 on Revolver Album, my favorite group besides Rolling Stones at that time.

    The sound for NN products?
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