I'm wondering how bracketing works in Mirror Lock-up mode while using Promote control, is camera releasing shutter through all bracketing sequence while mirror is up to avoid shaking?

On my Nikon D700 when I'm shooting bracketed photos for HDR I have exposure delay mode on. Because of this shutter release after one second after mirror is up and close just before mirror is down. I'm doing this in cl mode using interval timer shooting so all bracketing sequence id done in a one row.

I see only two disadvantages of using this. One is 1s delay between photos in bracketing sequence and second is need to click few buttons few times until bracketing sequence starts (I have interval timer shooting under custom button but any way after getting interval timer shooting menu there is a need to make few clicks after camera starts taking photos).

How Promote Control improves this workflow if it does, has anybody tried this? Thnx for your help.