I guess this is for Nick more than anyone else.
While I like the design of my NN, I found that perhaps some fasteners could be better sized to allow "repairing/replacing" in the field.

I will elaborate,
After climbing a mountain to shoot a pano I found the set screw on the upper arm scale came loose and fell out into my pack and I did not have the allen wrenches from NN wih me. Fortunately I had my 3d printed angle block in my pack.
No worries I thought, I would be passing by one of the best stocked hardware stores in NY. I'll just pick up a wrench.
They had every size allen wrench both sae and metric(up to 3/4" / 19mm)....except for the one I needed. Why? because the set screw is so small no one keeps those wrenches/screws in stock.
I spent the rest of that weekend shooting without the upper scale.
While it wasn't a "show stopper" for me, it was not a good feeling.
I understand using such a small fastener so as not be obtrusive. Personally I would rather have a larger fastener that I can get a wrench for anywhere.
Perhaps going forward fasteners can be sized to allow getting replacement fasteners/wrenches at a common hardware store?


ps. I will be drilling and tapping that fastener to the next larger size...they had lots of that size in stock.