Hi I shot this VR with the Sony NEX-7 & new Rokinon 8mm f2.8. I find the combo a nice setup. Small and light, The camera can deliver very good image quality and the new Rokinon is the sharpest fisheye I have shot with so far. Below is a VR done of Sean Tucker's stunt biplane shot with the NEX-7, Rokinon 8mm, a small Gitzo tripod and the NN M1 ( the rotator is rather large for this camera ) . I shot 6 images around then 1 image up and 2 down. The 2nd shot looking down is with the camera rotated 180 degrees from the first shot then in Photoshop I blend the two down shots so I don't have the arm protruding from the NN M1 rotator in the image. I have one additional shot of the down shot without the rotator/tripod in the plane to then blend it into the seat so no tripod is seen. After stitching the equirectangular image renders out to be about 300mb.
A few downsides, I wish the camera had a wire remote trigger in but the IR remote works extremely well even in bright sunlight. The Rokinon 8mm on the NEX-7 has color shift at the corners but I use a free app called cornerfix that will correct it. I do not have the same issue when I shot with a Sony NEX-5n the images look fine but since the raw image files are smaller so will be the equirectangular image.

Here are the images. Enjoy Dennis

NEX7VR_P by d.biela, on Flickr

Cropped from the VR above at 100%

NEX7R8 by d.biela, on Flickr

Photos of Sean in action