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    I can not assemble my nodal ninja 4. When I try to attach the upper arm to the base (sorry I don't know the proper names of the parts) in the very first step of the quick reference guide, the screw with the large black knob will not screw in enough to tighten it down. When I looked inside the threaded hole it was full of gray sand-like grit. At first I thought it was metal shavings from when the piece was machined, but I can't tell what it is for sure. The screw goes into the hole perfectly straight, so the threads seem to be ok, at least part of the way in. I've cleaned as much of the grit out as I can, but the screw doesn't want to go in all the way and I don't want to damage the threads by forcing it. In case I'm not being clear about which parts I'm talking about- I can't attach the horizontal arm which rotates on the tripod to the vertical "elbow" arm which holds the camera. Thanks for any advice

    Edit to my original post:

    I just came across a previous thread about washers being mistakenly left out during assembly. I had been thinking that one or two washers would fix my problem, but I wanted to be sure I'm using everything as intended. I'll try adding some from the plastic bag included with the unit.

    One more edit:

    That seems to have fixed the problem! I hope I did that right. Other than all this, it seems to be a very solid piece of equipment and I'm looking forward to using it!

    The fix I found was in this thread:
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