Just experienced something wierd - I went through finding the upper rail lens settings for Nikon's 14-24, 24-70, 70-200, 70-300 and 80-400 on my new D800. I used each mm setting on each lens, a total 27 setting checks. I used Live View and aligned on two objects - one near, one far. When necessary I magnified the image in the LCD. I moved the camera from side to side viewing the relationship of the obejcts at the left and right edges of the LCD to verify there was no change in that relatioinship; I went from side to side more than once each time. The upper rail setting of 14.2 was the same for all lenses and mm's. Somehow this just doesn't seem right but I am confident I did it right. Greatly appreciate any comments; I know I have to make some panoramas to see if there are any parallex errors but thought I'd ask before going through the exercise of making 27 panoramas.