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  1. What software for panorama tours?



    I'm quite new in spherical panoramas. I just know (more or less) how to make them and the time has become for a first commercial work.

    My customer needs to ad a panorama to his website which have to works on ipads, iphons and other devices. It means it have to be html5 not just only flash. I need to buy software which license will allow me to sell panoramas tours for multiple customers.

    Price is not important. I would like to get the best quality and many options which allows me to customize viewing experience ...

    Could you advice me in this topic?

    Thnx a lot.
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    Hi LeoNeon,

    For stitching the photos i use PTGui. When the Panorama is ready i use Pano2VR (http://gardengnomesoftware.com) to create a html5 or Flash. Pano2VR does have option to make tours.


    Johan Boom
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    Hello LeoNeon,

    Like Johan, I too use Pano2VR, but have found that there are a lot of html5 files to upload.
    Pano2VR has just released v4 Beta, which looks as if it is improved on the tour side so I intend to have a serious look at his in the next few days.
    Another option is Autotour Pro
    which is more costly then Pano2VR, which I have been looking at and I was tempted to go to, but I think that I am more likely to upgrade to Pano2VR v4 having read about the added functionality.

    Either package will enable both Flash and html5, so both are worth evaluating as both allow you to download trial versions before committing to purchase.

    PTGui is great for creating your panorama, then either Pano2VR Pro or Autotour Pro to publish your panorama as both Flash and html5.

    All the best, Hugh.
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    Thnx guys for help.

    I have almost decided to go with Kolor's Panotour Pro but I will try trial versions of both softwares you recommend. There is big difference in price. Is Panotour Pro better as it's price is much bigger?

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    Hello LeoNeon,

    I do not think that price necessarily reflects quality.
    I have used Pano2VR for many years, so am probably biased in this direction, but creating tours with Pano2VR V3 requires making notes and keeping track of the panorama URLs, which could get complicated if there were more than 3 or 4 panoramas in the tour, which is why I was looking at Panotour Pro, which I think is more intuitive and easier to use.
    I have been considering buying an Panotour Pro licence, but from what I have read about Pano2VR v4 it seems that the Garden Gnome people have addressed some of the issues that made me consider the Kolor product, but I need to evaluate it properly before making my decision, but am currently traveling so have not done so yet.

    I feel that you should chose the one you prefer to use and if you are liking the Kolor product, then go for it, but as said I do not think price reflects functionality or quality and that both products have many good points.
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    Thnx Hugh for your help. Please let me know here if you will make a decision regards to choosing a software. In the next week I will start to test Pano2VR and Panotour Pro.

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    Hello LeoNeon,

    You need the Pano2VR version 4 Pro, this moment stil beta (beta2). On the website of Garden Gnome you can see a video how fast you can build a tour:


    And read more about this new version in the blog:


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    Hello LeoNeon,

    I have decided to upgrade my Pano2VR to v4 as it is around £20, but having investigated Panotour Pro some more think I will be purchasing a Panotour Pro license in the not too distant future as it seems an intuitive and easy to use interface.

    I have discovered that the reason I find Pano2VR quite manual for producing tours is that I should be using Pano2VR Pro, but I am finding it difficult to learn much about Pano2VR Pro as there seems to be little information on the Garden Gnome web site (hopefully someone can tell me different).

    When it comes to pricing there is quite a jump between Pano2VR @ €69 and Pano2VR Pro @ €249, but the Pano2VR Pro price is quite close to the Panotour Pro @ €299.

    As stated before, they both do a good job so you should chose the one you are most comfortable with.
    These prices do not include VAT.

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