Ni Nick, shooting very good leveled photos might be of very much interest in very short time, is a bit of secrecy now, sorry for that, but the secret will be completelly unveiled by me in no more than a week :)

In the mean time I'll appreciate to know if is posible to have a standard rotator for NN3 mk2 ( or mk3 if is will take some time) with spirit level in the middle of the rotator?

I know there one on the lower rail and that can cause confussion and poses some problem if one wants to upgrade to the advanced rotators, but still I dare to ask as you'll see that is important. No more than a week, I promise :)

Why in center, it can be seen through viewfinder, even with the lens at zoom in with no parallax, so the level can be fine tunned more convenient, also the off level due to the panohead rotation should be less and then much less confusion for the newbies remaining affordable in price..
Wait ! too much leak! the secret is in danger :)

thanks for providing the best affordable panohead,