Hey, I have my NN3 since a week, its my first nodal/pano head ... Its a good peace for making panos. Just I waiting about a 36°degree ring for dp1x ... ok, and this is also my question,

I was changing the click-stopp-rings on my first day not very smooth, so my NN3 MKII Plastic Retainer Pins are a little bit abraded ... okay its only a little and 100% functionally. And there are also 2 new pieces NN3 MKII Plastic Retainer Pins spare parts package. Thats ok ... but which set of headless screws / grubscrews, and where I can get these, should I buy?

I mean the two small NN3 MKII Plastic Retainer Pins, this are just small, white grubscrews ... polyamid? plastic? I own also a wacom-tablet, and I know also, that this kind of material is not for the eternity .... ... hm, the rest is mostly made from metall, but why not these two small pins?