NN4/Canon 5D MII/Sigma 8mm f3.5 DG EX issue
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Thread: NN4/Canon 5D MII/Sigma 8mm f3.5 DG EX issue

  1. NN4/Canon 5D MII/Sigma 8mm f3.5 DG EX issue


    Hi everyone,
    I have this combination: Nodal Ninja 4 pano head + Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 8mm f3.5 lens, when I finally found the nodal point part of the head is in my field of view, did I something wrong?
    Does someone can help me?
    Many thanks.
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    This might happen with this combination. In most times this does not matter for stitching. To check it for you please send the set of pics with http://ge.tt/ for example.

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    It is inevitable that parts of the upper rotator will intrude into the right hand side of the images. When the lens is positioned at the no parallax point, the entrance pupil as seen from the extreme right at 90° to the lens axis will be close to the NN4's rotation axes. The lens therefore "sees" the upper rotator in the field of view on the right. This can only be avoided by using a head that doesn't have an upper rotator - such as a ring mount like the Nodal Ninja R1/10 heads and the NN180. The reduction of the angle of view on the right is minor and only a problem if you are wanting to shoot the 360x180 view in only two shots, which is barely practical anyway. Otherwise, the intrusive parts will usually be eliminated automatically in the stitching by the blending process, though for safety I think it wise to mask those areas out to guarantee there won't be slight darkening where a black area does make it into the blend for one reason or another.
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    Thank you very much for your (both) answer.

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