I'm new to panoramic shootings (with proper equipment), and I thought I'd get my hands dirty and join the club..

Top on the list is probably a NN3 (mainly budget restrictions).

I'm using a 550D, with grip and 10-22mm currently. I intend to upgrade to a fullframe/a 8mm FE, sigma or maybe canon's, but not within the year, maybe next year. I'm not sure if the NN3 supports my current equipment with grip, but I think I can lose it, so no issues there. Was asking a guy on a local forum and he says he still uses the NN3 with his 5Dmkii/iii, so.. I don't know..

Let's just say the NN3 fits my usages:

I'm keen on the ez-leveller2, it seems, well. useful..

so many combinations:
NN3 + NN3 w/RD3L 6-8-10? - most likely option?
NN3 + RD16?
NN3 + RD16 + ezleveller? - expensive option
NN4 + etc..

-will I really need a RD16?

I only shoot wide/UW/soon fisheye.

help :O