I see some use of a slightly modiffied variant of te actual pole series, say W line, able to accomodate wires inside, usb or other kind.
I can see some way to have that in place by, say, a cilindric rotator and base, upper aluminium part in top to have lateral holes for wires, the lower part of the upper part to be removable, i.e. to have only the tubes inside.
There can be 4.5 m usb cable and even more length with an active usb repeater, tested myself.

That can extend area of interes for poles to a wider area of customers like users of video cameras, and ofcourse for the photographers to benefit of live view through usb.
A wired moror drived simple tilt head can be designed if not already exist by third part if not Fanotec.

Not know how to describe this in English, but at the base we can have the kind of device wihch pulls in the cable when the pole is not extended.