Arca D4 + lens ring/clamp?
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Thread: Arca D4 + lens ring/clamp?

  1. Arca D4 + lens ring/clamp?



    I was about to order the complete google-recommended pano kit ( , but looking at it it looks like I already have some equipment that is being replicated in the kit: an arca d4 head. For those not familiar with it, it has 2 pans built into it, top and bottom, so is able to provide a level pan.

    It looks like I may be able to just purchase a lens ring and the clamp that attaches to the lens? But I'm a bit confused with all the options... I'll be using this w/a 5d mk ii and a Sigma f3.5 lens... anyone able to clear this up?
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    yes it will work. You can use the top pan to shoot pano at 0 deg tilt. With you lens and camera, you can take 3 shots around and close the zenith. The nadir will be quite large though.
    You can also use the tilt mechanism to have 5-10 deg upward tilt to get better zenith. Then use the bottom pan to take 3 shots around. nadir will also be large.
    if you are a GTP, it is recommended to buy the kit and enjoy the discount. It will make your life much easier. you can get support from us. If you just get the lens ring, we can only support using the lens ring.


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    Great guess I'll just go for the kit as I am a gtp... Can you pm me with how to get the discount?
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    Quote Originally Posted by watanabe View Post
    Great guess I'll just go for the kit as I am a gtp... Can you pm me with how to get the discount?
    Just use the voucher code given by Google to get discount while you order ;)

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    Didn't see one - currently trying to shoot my neutrals, is it in the training materials? or sent after you are fully authorized?

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