hindenhaag cheers for your help.

I have chosen to stitch first three panoramas and than make out of them a HDR in Photomatix. I'm getting 102 images from camera for one panorama. Doing this other way I would have to first make 34 hdr's and than one panorama. It's seems to be more time and work saving to do this my way, on other way stitching one panorama takes lot's of time with my laptop (it's horribly long time). I will try your work flow.

Are you talking about this hardware? http://www.promotesystems.com/produc...e-Control.html If that's allows take bracketing photos with mirror up through all sequence than it's for sure worth considering buying. Probably there is some more companies doing such devices, can you recommend any? My card is 30 mb/ps, looks like I will need to upgrade this if I buy this remote trigger.