Aggravating lack of quick releases and plates suitable for the new generation of small Digital cameras like the Fuji X 10.

My manfotto plate makes a mockery of the whole Idea as it is far wider than the camera base, and the general size and weight defeat the object of leaving it attached, a swiss plate is no better.

I know that has not much to do withe Pano brackets, and there is no problem fitting such a camera to a NN3.
But a quick release plate is only quick if you can leave it in place with out turning a small camera into a monster.

a small plate and quick release, and/or an adaptor to allow standard QR to allow a small plate to fit would be ideal.

I have seen a swiss type plate fot the Olympus pen base and the top part of the plate fits well, but the whole thing including the dovetail is the normal size so it defeats the object.
It would be nice to have an internal dovetail on the plate so it could have a smooth exterior.

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