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    As some of you may already know the Google Maps Business Photos program is taking off around the world. Basically it allows standard and 360 degree high quality HDR panoramic images of businesses to be published on Google Place pages and Google Maps. Google Trusted Photographers (GTP) are trained and certified by Google to produce these high quality panoramic images and upload them onto Google.

    Many of our customers have become GTP and they have been sharing their experiences with us. I understand the certification program is very specific but once earned you can proudly display the badge on your website for your business.

    For this program, and approved by Google, we are proud to offer:
    Nodal Ninja Ultimate R10 Rotator Mini Ring Clamp Style Regularly $259.95 reduced to $207.96 after 20% Google discount).

    To learn more about the GTP program visit: Google Business Photos Trusted Photographer

    While we cannot help with any aspect of Google program we are here if you have questions about the R10 or any other products we offer.
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    Hell Bill,

    This looks really interesting, but I am finding it really difficult to find out what is required.
    I tried your link
    Google Trusted Photographers (GTP)
    but all I get is a message that the site cannot be found.
    From my search of the Internet I have discovered such details as:
    Photographers are Google trained, but where, when and what costs are involved?
    There are specific equipment requirements, which you have provided information on the approved pano heads, but where does one look for camera and lens requirements?
    I have completed the form @
    which resulted in a telephone call from a Google representative, but I would like to know what is involved.
    I appreciate that you have provided a really good listing of the pano head requirements, but I am hoping that you can point me to the URL that provides the information.

    Best regards, Hugh.
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    Hi Hugh,
    They must have changed links - try
    We get a little feedback from some GTP but info is very tight lipped. I'm trying to get list from Google on other equipment so we can offer bundles. I "believe" they suggest Sigma 8mm and some popular crops sensor cameras (4 shots around). We've heard also the program really aims towards teaching the GTP to produce high quality results. Other than that we are really in the blind on the whole program. Remember the Google discount ONLY applies to R10 Mini pkg.
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    Hello Bill,

    Thank you for your response.
    Yes, it does seem that GTP is "very tight lipped", which to me is not a good sign.
    I already use an NN3 and an R1 so already have the pano head hardware as advised in your original message, but am reluctant to pursue this if information from GTP is not forthcoming.

    Best regards, Hugh.
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    Article in the Baltimore Sun of today - 6/10/12 titled "See Businesses from a Chair". Sub head - "Businessman-turned-photographer brings 360-degree interior views of business to Google searches." Article states Frank Clark is one of Googles three Trusted Photographers in Maryland (USA). Seems that under Google's name he is making 360 panos of a retail business for sale to the owner for use on the owners web site as a marketing tool. No mention of equipment either in the article nor in Clark's web site
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    How does one claim the google discount?
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    Seems that its only open to US right now.. The the drop down for country on the form only has the one option.. :-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Duffield View Post
    Seems that its only open to US right now.. The the drop down for country on the form only has the one option.. :-(
    Nope it's open at least here in france for sure :) but page is displayed according to local language of your browser if it's avalaible or it defaults to us !

    French Nodal Ninja Distributor
    Online shop:
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    Support website:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Duffield View Post
    Seems that its only open to US right now.. The the drop down for country on the form only has the one option.. :-(
    There are also a few in the UK as well Alex.
    I was interested but found getting information a problem and that it was too much of a commitment with the time they required and thought their copyright clause somewhat restrictive.

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