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    Hello Derek,

    Thanks for the URL's of the NN forum.
    I am running a RSS feed reader - Google based app on my iPad with all forums and blogs I follow and now I can see in one view if there are new postings.
    Using a RSS reader is more comfortable then switching from website to website and scrolling pages and faster too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nodalninjait View Post
    A few people have been asking about the RSS feed for the forum. It can be accessed here:
    Thanks a lot Derek

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    Hello Derek,

    I found out that with this link I miss postings on the forum:

    It seems that postings of yesterday and today are missing.
    Hope you can fix this.


    Update, after this posting I checked the RSS feed and it did not show up in the list so I am pretty sure that the RSS feed is not in sync with the forum.
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